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Stuck? Feel Alone?

It can feel like everyone else has it together. Listen to other women, just like you, overcome life struggles and move forward with clarity. 
Get Unstuck.

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Leith McKay headshot

Hi! I'm Leith. 

Do you feel stuck? And maybe alone, like no one can really understand what you're going through? (maybe you're not too sure yourself.) And this nagging feeling like you're meant for more? 


I'm glad you're here. This site is full of resources to help you get unstuck, to help you become aware of the stories that are keeping you from brightening the world with your own unique spark. The world needs you so let's get started. 

E36 Edie conversation
Season 4 is here!
E35 Kena conversation part 2
E32 Amelie conversation part 2
Season 3 FindingME trailer
E34 Kena conversation part 1
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